Women empowerment


Project status: Research

Inclusion is our fourth step of our fight against poverty.


It’s common in developing countries that women are overworked with manual labour ranging from farming to childcare. They are limited for time and therefore, do not have the capacity to rethink how to make their work more sustainable, productive and bring in more income.

Idea #1: education

We want to host evening schools for the women. This is i) to educate them on ares that could be important towards the growth of the general village, ii) bring them new skills that may be fun or a new way to make money.

Some classes can include:

  • Childhood care
  • Nutrition
  • Hygiene
  • New skills (i.e. weaving)

Idea #2: community investment scheme

Women can put into a cash box a nominal fee a month. This will continue to grow throughout the years and will be directed towards supporting one and another during “hard times”. If someone needs to rush their loved one to a hospital, they can borrow from this box. If someone else needs some cash to start a new business idea, they can also borrow from this box.