Sustainable resource cultivation


Project status: Research

Innovation is our third step of our fight against poverty.


Bangthali has inherited its knowledge of agriculture and land cultivation through generations of storytelling. Yield has not increased significantly as the bottleneck is human capital. Income has not increased either despite the growing demand and prices of goods from the cities. 

We need to creatively rethink how we are working to break the poverty cycle. We encourage you to bring your expertise and ideas. 

Idea #1: farmer-consumer direct connect

Problem: as Bangthali is a more isolated city, farmers rely on third-parties to purchase their goods, then sell in the markets. The third-parties are making exorbitant amounts of profit that is not passed back to the farmer. This is a common problem in developing countries.

Potential solution: build a platform / network that will allow the farmers to understand demand (price and desire) in the city, and cultivate it on their lands. Hire trucks for delivery.

Idea #2: redoing the irrigation/water collection system

Problem: despite a decent rainfall throughout the year, Bangthali relies on an older water supple system that distributes (unevenly) water from a thin flowing stream. The problem is that the taps constantly runs dry. There are dry periods that last for days. This leads to i) hygiene issues (no water to clean or flush toilets), ii) farming issues (crops dry out), iii) unbalanced diet (cannot cook properly) and more.

Potential solution: build a water collection point (i.e. dam) that is safe and productive.

Idea #3: redoing the waste management system

Problem: the lack of education leads to the lack of a good waste management system. Garbage is constantly strewn across the landscape leading to worse living environments.

Potential solution: education of the village, build a system (including recycling)