Learning center reconstruction


Project status: Active

The learning center is the first step of our fight against poverty. We are constructing two buildings: 1) a learning center, 2) a volunteer quarter.

General principle

The learning center will have 3 classrooms. During the day, it will serve as an educational space to improve children’s academic level.

The problem

70% of students enrolled in grade 1 drop out before they reach grade 9. This is due to a few reasons:

  • Families need all the help they can get to help with farming, so skipping class is a norm
  • Schools are not influential enough to override the requests of parents
  • The material taught is not entertaining nor relevant enough to keep students engaged
  • Teachers at local schools are limited in their teaching ability and knowledge, mainly due to a lack of exposure
  • Physical punishment is used to discipline students
  • Schools lack infrastructure, resources and sanitary facilities

The children of Bangthali are not getting the education they need. This is a problem because the lack of knowledge manifests into a lack of specialized skills; the lack of proper tools lead to low productivity. Illiteracy and poverty forces the youth to move to larger cities or abroad in hope for a better future, but in reality, their lack of exposure leads to more hardships and exploitation. This trend is a viscous cycle.

The village needs a place where people can come together, learn life skills and fight poverty.

Our center

Our school will focus on teaching things that are practical. Our school will focus on results. Read more about our proposed teaching methodology here.  

The center itself will have three main classrooms. It will also have an independent toilet. The center will be built using earth bag technology (below).

Read about our progress here.

Boarding house

We have received feedback that parents in surrounding villages are interested in sending their children to our school. For those who live further away, we will have a house to host the students so they do not need to travel for hours each day. The boarding house will also have rooms for volunteers and teachers.

Earth bag technology

Earth bag technology is one of the latest construction methods in green architecture. This technique leverages the abundance of certain natural resources in developing countries. By using the local soil, we are able to create a building that is sustainable, versatile, stable at a low cost. This natural building technique is earthquake resistant. 

We have hired a dedicated engineer to manage the building of this school.