A wedding in Bangthali

Our volunteers, Andrea and Kristy, had a unique chance to experience a Nepalese wedding.

Nepalese weddings are large. There’s usually more than 300 people. Throughout the days leading up to the wedding, the entire village gathered together to make preparations. Sweets were created, potatoes were chopped – all the children and animals knew a feast was to come.

On the day of the wedding, our bride was anxious. She wore gorgeous red and gold and sat patiently, waiting for the groom to arrive. The janti kicked off the celebrations. The groom arrived at the bride’s house with all sorts of instruments and songs. It was a loud and cheerful way to start the festivities. 

There was a lot of singing, dancing and traditional ceremonies. 

We wish the bride and groom many happy days ahead!

If you’re interested in learning more about Nepalese wedding traditions, this link will guide you through all the intricate details!